In keeping with our Mission of providing Medical treatment with Compassion to the sick and suffering, we at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital undertake several initiatives to take Healthcare to the doorstep of the most deprived and the marginalized. Camps are held in rural Maharashtra, Dadra Nagar Haveli and Gujarat every year. Patients are screened and treated by Specialists from different Specialties. Patients requiring monitoring and/or Surgery are brought to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, to ensure that quality Health Care is provided at the minimal costs.

We also conduct Health Awareness and Screening Camps in and around Slums, to educate the nomadic population of Construction Labourers and ensure that their healthcare needs are met.


In the year 2006 it was decided that we need to give free / subsidized training to young girls from the lower socio economic strata of society to empower them to provide professional Health Care to patients at home and in the hospital. Some of the students are school drop-outs while others have completed the School Leaving Certificate Course and a few have completed Higher Secondary Education. Since many of the students come from the rural areas, the hospital makes arrangements to provide residence in some of our institutions. Uniforms, books and stationery are provided to the students. A qualified nurse is engaged on a full time basis to teach them and supervise their training in the hospital.

The Hospital Aide Course which is of 2 years duration includes basic nursing skills, etiquette, personal hygiene and language skills. Practical training and a 1-year internship is part of the course.

On completion of the course the hospital assists them to find employment.